Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Problematic Permissive Parenting?

A liberal acquaintance of mine started a blog with a first post that I'm guessing (hoping) is somewhat tongue-in-cheek:
When you have kids every toilet in the house has yellow water in it and sometimes worse. Basically I have given up telling the kids to flush. I just go in behind them and do it.
Great, let's train our kids at an early age that somebody will take care of you and walk behind you to fix your messes all the time. Sure, it's hard and exhausting and frustrating, but if parents don't teach their kids how to behave, who will? First they don't want to flush the toilet, then they expect easy A's at school, then they don't want to fix their mistakes at work, then they'll expect the government to pick them up. Hmmm, then again, maybe those are the lessons liberal parents are trying to teach their children.

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